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Sundre Sand & Gravel specializes in aggregate production and project management across North Dakota for county, state, and private companies. We perform a number of services for agricultural, residential, and commercial industries.

Our experienced team utilizes modern and effective machinery to promote safety and guarantee high-quality results. Our qualified staff members undergo extensive training to provide exceptional service to our customers, and each member is certified through the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).

US Department of Labor MSHA

Safety First

In our often hazardous field, we know that our employees expect a certain level of preparedness when working with heavy machinery. So do federal and government agencies. Because we are MSHA & OSHA compliant, we follow guidelines to ensure our staff’s safety—but we are trained to identify, confront, and repair safety issues should they occur. We are a firm believer in making our industry safer.

Company History

Sundre Sand & Gravel began in 1971 as a small family operation in Minot, ND, when Gary and Becky Hill began providing aggregate products and services. As time passed, their sons Shane and Sheldon eventually joined the team. Today, Sundre Sand & Gravel has 75 employees and locations in Minot, Williston, and New Town, ND.

About Sundre's History

"I’ve been working with Sundre Sand & Gravel for quite some time now and have always been impressed by the way they handle their business. All of their employees are extremely professional. They show up on time, will deliver material on short notice, are polite, very informative, and all around just great people to do business with. Since the first time that I worked with them, I have never had a single complaint about Sundre Sand & Gravel. I would highly recommend them to any contractor in need of any material regarding base course, sand, or rock."

Dan Earley
Site Work Specialists Inc.


  • Excavator Digging Deep
  • Excavator Digging Closer
  • Excavator Digging Pit
  • Digging Around Pong
  • Digging Out Road
  • Placed Rocks
  • Placing Dirt in Dump Truck
  • Dumping Dirt on Water
  • Dumping Dirt on Hill
  • Gravel Transport
  • Excavator Digging Site
  • Excavator Dumping Dirt
Sundre Sand and Gravel
Main Office

6220 37th Ave SE Minot, ND 58701

Mon – Fri: 7:00am – 6:00pm

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